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About Us

Extensive Rental & Strata Property Management Experience

AA Property Management Ltd. is a fully licensed Property Management company with the Real Estate Council of British Columbia and has been active in the field of Property Management in the Greater Vancouver area for more than 18 years. The executive of the company has 40 years Strata and Rental management experience in both Hong Kong and Vancouver.

Diverse Portfolio of Properties

We have managed a diverse portfolio of rental properties as well as residential and non-residential Strata properties including sectioned-strata complexes. Our portfolio includes single-family homes, condominiums, townhouses, apartment buildings, commercial properties and major Asian Strata shopping centres throughout the Lower Mainland of BC. Depending on your needs and preference, we can help you manage your entire buildings or individual units.

Our Management Approach

Owning a property is hard work. It takes time, money, planning and foresight to take care of such asset properly. Fortunately, it does not have to require your constant on-site supervision. We are here to help you and take care of all these tasks or just some of them based on your needs. Our management philosophy is essentially of an "owner-manager" which means the managers treat the properties assigned to them as if they were the owners for the best interest of all owners. We care about cost efficency and take a hands-on approach using our best controls, and resources to ensure the properties are taken care of in the best way possible.

Personalized Service

The Greater Vancouver area is teeming with properties of different sizes, shapes, ages, and locations. Since every estate is unique, we take a customized approach to property management. Simply talk to us about your concerns and wishes, and we'll work alongside you to create the perfect property management plan for your property. We're happy to give you the peace of mind you deserve.

Strata Web Portal

We offer a comprehensive, secure and easy to use strata web portal to keep track of the strata records in a centralized location in the most effective and efficient way possible. Even if council members or strata managers get changed, their strata records and history remains accessible to the new council members or managers.

Competative Pricing

In certain cases, you may qualify for a bulk discount. Click here to visit our Services page and get more information about each service we offer.