• Professional Strata Management Services
    for Strata Corporations of any Size and Complexity
  • Professional Strata Management Services
    with Competitive Pricing
  • Electronic Record Keeping
    for Strata Corporations in the Greater Vancouver
  • Strata Web Portal
    for Strata Owners and Council Members
  • Serving Strata Corporations
    across the Lower Mainland in British Columbia

Strata Web Portal for Our Clients

We offer a powerful, easy to use and secure E-Service strata portal which conforms to PIPA (Personal Information Protection Act). Under this web portal, each owner will have their unique log-in name and password to access our database, which will bring the following benefits to the Strata, Council members and owners:

  1. Better and more seamless and efficient communication between Council Members, Residents and the Property Manager

  2. Choice of receiving strata documents and notices via email or by regular mail for each owner

  3. Saving on mailing and copying cost

  4. Keeping your strata corporation history effectively and efficiently through the centralized Document Management portion of the strata web portal and never lose a document again even if your strata manager or council members are changed

  5. Helping the environment by using electronic record keeping and reducing the requests for printed copies of strata documents (although you can still print anything you wish)

  6. Receiving important notifications and reminders as needed through the event calendar module of the strata web portal

  7. Accessing the centralized contact management portion of the strata portal from anywhere you are without the need of remembering any name or email address - it is automatically set based on the defined roles and access levels in your strata

  8. Managing and Scheduling Strata Meetings become more efficient and productive

  9. Planning, scheduling and keeping track of strata physical assets becomes easier and more efficient


If your strata corporation already uses our strata web portal and you as an owner, tenant or strata council member would like to register to be able to use it, please send an email to info@aaproperty.ca.


To schedule a demo of the strata web portal for your building, please send an email to info@aaproperty.ca.