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Rental Property Management Services

AA Property Management Ltd. manages a diverse portfolio of rental properties including single-family homes, condominiums, townhouses, apartment buildings and commercial properties throughout the Lower Mainland of BC.

The "Rental Property Management" services include the following:

  1. Placing advertisements
  2. Screen applications including credit report of prospective tenants, confirming prospective tenants' income and previous resident history
  3. Showing property to prospective tenants
  4. Regular inspection of property
  5. Provide 24-hour emergency contact for both owners and tenants
  6. Arrange repairs and maintenance in accordance with owner's instructions
  7. All tenant charges are imputed into a computer billing schedule. These schedules are updated instantaneously to ensure prompt recovery of funds
  8. Collect and record all incomes. Funds are maintained in a designated trust account which is audited by an independent public accounting firm in accordance with the Real Estate Act of BC.
  9. Provide monthly Financial Statements to the owner
  10. We are able to offer greater insurance coverage with lower deductibles and premiums through our bulk-purchase relationship with the insurance agent
  11. Non-resident NR 6 submissions
  12. Delinquent accounts are programmed to be automatically served proper notice about arrears
  13. Pay expenses as instructed by the owner
  14. AA Property Management will issue all rent increase notices under the terms of the Residential Tenancy Act as instructed by the owner
  15. Purchase of equipment and supplies if needed


How Can a Good Property Management Company Help You?

By hiring a professional property manager, you can add great value to your rental property investments. Here are some of the most important reasons on why you’re better off hiring a professional property management company:

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